Repair Testimonials

“Great service, prices and excellent attention to detail. I’ll be back!”
Jerrett Bordian- Edmonton, AB
Rhythm guitar and lead vocals for Edmonton band “GO”.

“Jonny has a great deal of respect for music and musical instruments and that is clearly reflected in his work…I recommend him to all my clients!”
Scott Greene- Edmonton, AB
Solo Artist, My Quiet Earth, Sinclair
Recording Engineer, Powersound Studios

Thanks Jonny for the great job on my Fender Jazz Bass. The action is perfect and the frets are perfect too. First class job, thanks again!
Mark Curtis – Bassist, Nanaimo, BC

“Jonny’s experience and professionalism result in a great experience. He gets the job done and will always take time to answer any questions. If you need your machine to be gig-ready in a hurry, go see this guy!”
Ed Smith – Edmonton AB

“I have had a number of guitars in with Jonny and the one reason I continually recommend him is that he takes on what to me would be complex, and puts it in simple terms that I can understand. In that way he not only locates the problems with the guitar, but also explains them in clear terms so that I know what he will be doing and why. Another huge plus I have found with getting my guitars setup/repaired with Jonny, is that he not only recommends what does need to be done to the guitar to get it into top performance, but more importantly….he does not push a person to get things done to there guitar that are not absolutely necessary. Jonny’s no pressure style will have me coming back again and again.”
Robby Suter – Edmonton, AB
Recording/Performing Artist – Motive Unknown

 I wanted to say a formal thank you to the most talented tech man, Jonny. My grandma’s old guitar has never been happier. You revived it back to life as an amazing slide guitar that stays in tune, and the action is perfect* I especially like the new tuning heads. I have sent some guitar heads your way, they will be happy with your reasonable prices too! Sincerely, thanks again.
Melissa Majeau – Edmonton, AB
Recording/ Performing Artist

Before seeing Jonny, my Fender Mustang was an unplayable, rattling mess to say the least. I brought it in for a set up and it was transformed into probably the smoothest playing guitar I own. I have been back numerous times for work such as pick-up installations and getting a custom nut cut. Jonny did an amazing job every single visit with very fast turn around time (2 or 3 days). I would recommend him to anyone who requires guitar work done!!
Matt T. – Edmonton, AB

Jonny is the “Guitar Whisperer” as far as I am concerned. He has done a great job on my hollow and solidbody trem and fixed bridge guitars. I am impressed with the way he sets them up to play and feel consistent from one to other. And he does a great graphite nut too!
Lorne Boyes – Edmonton, AB

I messed around with the wiring of my friends Les Paul, and ended up breaking a pot the day before i had to return it to him. Jon saved my butt, and had it back to me in less than 24 hours for an extremely good price.
Travis Miller – Edmonton, AB

I’ve been to different music stores to set up or repair my guitars but never had any good experiences. I’m happy that finally I found a man that I can totally trust. Jonny is absolutely the BEST. The job was even better than I expected,the rate was incredible,and the most important thing is he did the job real fast. If you think ***or******* music store’s repair job is good then you should try Jonny. You will be so surprised.
Kurt. Y – Edmonton, AB

Jonny you’re the man!!! And here is why. In the past 18 months I have gone to two places (that will remain nameless) to get answers and work done on three of my guitars. One jerked me around and had no idea what they were doing. The other was able to spell the word luthier and talk a good game. All told they cost me money and about four and half months in wait time. Oh, and they did some below marginal work on an old acoustic that I have. NOT IMPRESSED WITH THEM at all….You my friend know your stuff and deliver!! It took you two minutes to identify the problem with my first guitar. The problem being a manufacturing problem that was not fixable without major Work… The Axe was returned and replaced. I have two other guitars (My Ovation and my G&L) into you for setups and they have both come back in pristine condition and sound amazing. I am truly impressed with your knowledge, your work, your turnaround time and have recommended you to several folks. One person has had you setup an old Strat that now plays perfectly and They are happy as well. Thanks Jonny, I really mean it. It is rare to find a guy that actually walks the walk these days and you do. Your work is greatly appreciated.
Rob Anderson – Edmonton, AB

“Jonny at J.Haven Guitar Repairs could quite possibly the greatest guitar technician around.  I had the pleasure of working with him at Long & McQuade in Edmonton Alberta, and watched as he built an incredibly happy customer base while working thru a hectic workload of L&M customers guitars.  Great work by one great guy!”
Liam Copeland –  Edmonton AB
Store Manager at Long & McQuade

I’m in love with the custom work Jonny did for me. The quality of his work reflects his ingenuity and passion for the instrument.
Troy Hodge – Edmonton, AB

Hi Jonny, Just want to thank you again for a fantastic, well done job. You would never know that there were issues with the fingerboard before I brought it to you. You have it set up perfectly and it plays like a dream. Thanks again. Take care, 
Jim Hoitsma (Edmonton AB)

Hello Jonny, the guitar has been working perfectly, has a large amount of flexibility with the Floyd and the body work is flawless 🙂 thank you again; will keep in touch soon on another project; have a good one,
John L. (Edmonton AB)

Hi Jon, Absolutely happy with the guitar! Notes are able to ring out again, harmonics are accurate, trem is stable and axe stays in tune – I’m already starting to get blisters from playing again !
Darren B. (Edmonton AB)

“Jonny at J.Haven kicks the shit outta anybody else working on guitars.  If I believed in God, I’d say that he could quite possibly be the man himself.”
Liam Harvey Oswald – Edmonton, AB
Recording/Performing Artist – Old Wives, The Depression

“Jon did a superb job on my Strat. Had this guitar for almost 30 years (longer than my wife!!) and I’m very happy with the re-fret. Thanks again Jon.” 
Ina George (Edmonton, AB)

Hi Jon, Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did on my husband’s Norman. It has never played or sounded better! He is so happy. 
Deanne Jennings (Edmonton, AB)

Jon, you are the man!  Guitar plays beautifully.  Great job. 
Dave S (Edmonton, AB)

Hi Jon, The guitars sound great – best since I’ve had them. Thanks! 
Erik H (Edmonton, AB)

My Gibson Les Paul Traditional popped off the strap 1 month into owning it and to my horror, the binding joint cracked. Jon repaired the crack and refinished the guitar and did such an excellent job, it looks like a brand new guitar again. I will continue to take all of my guitars to Jon for any sort of modifications or repair work. He is very friendly, courteous and extremely knowledgeable and talented. A true professional. 
Mark Phillips (Edmonton, AB)

Hello Jon. Brilliant job on repairing the broken neck on my Angus Young signature SG. The guys in the band were floored by the quality of your work… they had watched as the SG landed on the stage neck first. All future work on my instruments will be done by you. Many thanks!! 
Garry Keiller (Edmonton, AB)

John my dude… after sitting with strat all night, I am in love with the setup. Thanks… 
Neil MacDonald (Edmonton, AB)
Recording/Performing Artist

This guy is awesome!! He doesn’t rip you off especially to beginners like me that don’t know anything about guitars yet!! Went to his place a while ago thinking my guitar needed an adjustment. He said he can make improvements but is not worth doing it since the guitar is just really fine the way it is considering the price of the guitar too that its cheap. If he had given me other advice just to take money from me I would have totally listened to him but no he gives you the advice that is appropriate to the situation. Totally recommendable!! I would recommend him to my friends. I will be back as soon as I have my first electric guitar if it needs to be set up too. 🙂 
Ron Rivales (Edmonton, AB)

Hey Jon, I’ve been playing the Seagull you setup and it plays amazingly now! Barre chords that I could never get to ring out properly, I can get out now.   Also the highest two strings are fixed just like I was hoping.
John Milner (Edmonton, AB)

Hi Jon, Just wanted to say I’ve been playing with the guitar a bit since I got it back, and it sounds/works great! The action is really nice now, and I really like the single-coil sounds that I can get out of it.
Robin Reid (Edmonton, AB)

I am amazed at the difference in play-ability after your work! It looks great, and sounds even better. I’m just a weekend warrior (and not a very good one at that) but I was astounded at the difference your professional setup has made. Simply, it’s so much more playable that I’m playing way more. Anyway, I blame you for being sleepy at work the last few days! My nights have been – just one more song…and then, suddenly, it’s 2:00 am. Finally, I truly admire your craftsmanship and dedication. You made a decision to do some extra work and not charge me for it and that just doesn’t happen anymore. It’s how I try to run my business but I see it so rarely that it’s a real treat to have it happen; especially with a very special possession. I would recommend you highly, both as a a craftsman and as a businessman. Thanks for a great experience.
Scott (Edmonton, AB)

I brought in an ’85 Gibson V that I had acquired off of eBay. It was in… well it looked like a guitar that had lived a hard life. Jon took a look at it, refretted it, glued down the neck (which was loose), glued in the new nut it needed and set it up for me. It plays better than any guitar I’ve ever owned. I can’t stop playing it since I got it back. Jon did an amazing job with it and I highly, HIGHLY recommend him for any guitar repair work you need done. He’ll do amazing work for you.
Eric Kinch (Edmonton, AB)

Jon recently completed a custom build for me. I had the guitar carved with traditional motifs from my culture down in the Cook Islands and brought it back for Jon to finish, assemble and set-up. He had done a re-fret on one of my Strats 2 years earlier and had performed a superb job, so when it came time for the custom build, I naturally chose Jon. The action is excellent, the finish is silky smooth to the touch and really brings out the carvings. Another excellent job from a true craftsman. Thank you Jon or as we say in the Cook Islands, Meitakiranuinui.
Ina George (Cook Islands)

Hi there- Had a chance to have a good sit down and play with the new setup and repotted pickup. It sounds and feels great. And no squealing! Ahhh. After twenty years the sweet sound of silence. The setup feels great and you managed to somehow remove buzz AND keep my action amazingly low. Thanks a ton. You’ve breathed new life into the old girl. It makes me want to play it all the time. Thanks again.
Kerwin Rittammer (Red Deer, AB)

Thanks for the great fret job Jon.
Garry Keiller (Edmonton, AB)

Thank you for returning my call and caring about me, after I purchased a complete wiring kit for my new Fender PS 70 Strat. You provided me with great knowledge, and because of you, my guitar works great!!! Thank you J Haven Edmonton..
Blake K. (Edmonton, AB)

Hey Mon,you Rock!!. The (2) Ibanez Prestige (SZ,RG) with EMG pick-ups you worked on are still screaming everyday in the studio. The 6-string Ibanez bass rules the jam-stage every week-end. See you soon with my current Ibanez 8-stringer (djent-metal mayhem)……
Cheers.. Simon ‘Tonmeister’ King, Leo-Project/Techwerks Studio. E-town, AB.

Can’t go wrong with this guy! He really knows his stuff.
Paul Quinn (Edmonton, AB)

Wow, just got Jon down at j haven to set up and wire some hot pickups into my semi hollow squier thinline telecaster. The result? Unreal, freaking awesome. Dead on what i wanted. Thanks Jon.
Robby Suter (Edmonton, AB)

Jon has done nothing short of amazing work on every guitar that I have brought to him. Being in a gigging band, my gear takes quite a beating, but Jon always brings my guitars back to their pre-battle glory! For an exceptionally fair (sometimes too fair!) rate, he will turn your decent playing wall hanger into an inspiring, riff writing masterpiece of musical equipment. Any new guitar I get goes straight to Jon for a full set up, re-wire, and fret rounding/polish (at least!). Don’t waste your time anywhere else – Jhaven GuitarWorks is THE Go-To spot for anything guitar/bass related!
Jeff Magnuson (Edmonton, AB)

Hey Jon, I just got my guitar late last night and it’s AMAZING! Thanks for taking the time to put this (project) together for me. I know it couldn’t have been easy to create this stroke of awesome and I really want to say thanks for taking the time to do it right. Thanks for the guitar case too!
C. Johnston (Ft Mac, AB)

The most intense sustained tone machine I’ve ever had, chambered ash warmoth body, exotic neck, Tele hardware, nashville style wiring ( 3 pickup ) , and hot pickups. Stunned at the outcome of this beast thanks Jon @ J Haven guitarworks on 106 street just south of white ave.
Robby Suter (Edmonton, AB)

Just had some setup work done on my SG… I was never totally happy with it since I got it about 3 years ago. It is honestly like a different guitar… I seriously can’t believe the difference in it! Plays better, sounds better… Incredible! Thank you!!!,
Dean Holloway (Edmonton, AB)

Just got my guitars back from J.Haven Guitar Customworks and Repair and I am so happy. My Strat feels better than it ever has since I bought it new in 1987. Their customer service is awesome, and most importantly they take pride in their work. A quality that I find is very rare these days. If you are looking to get some work done on your instrument, look no further. I will send anyone that asks me their way without hesitation.
Graham Caddel (Edmonton, AB)

My Hohner acoustic was suffering from its trip across the Atlantic and my not-so-good humidification habits – fret buzz, dull strings with no sustain, and wonky intonation. I handed Jon a dud and he handed me back a jewel – rich lows, bright highs, and amazing sustain. Before it was hard to pick up, now it’s hard to put down.
J Brown (Edmonton, AB)

I’ve been out of town working and haven’t had the time to stop in and thank you in person for the excellent work. The Stetsbar trem, the bone nut and set up transformed a nice playable guitar into an instrument beyond my expectations. I’m a very happy customer. The time it took was spot on, the price was below what I thought it would be and the craftsmanship is perfect.
David R (Edmonton, AB)

Hey Jon. So after playing my guitar for a couple of days I gotta say, it plays and sounds completely amazing. It’s probably the best playing guitar I’ve ever owned.
Dan F (Edmonton, AB)

She feels like a brand new guitar 🙂 Everything feels really smooth. I’m really happy with the new gauge and the action feels much better. Definitely a fan of polished frets. Thanks for breathing new life into my guitar!
David B (Edmonton, AB)

By the way, the guitar feels and plays great. I had a hard time putting it down. Thanks for doing a great setup job!
Eric J (Edmonton, AB)

Just wanted to let you know I’m thrilled with the refret work you did. I can appreciate the level of detail on the frets and neck and the guitar feels vibrant and it plays great. It felt old before and now it feels young and new. Thanks again for doing wonderful work!
Eric J (Edmonton, AB)

Jon , big thanks for all the fine work and for not doing work that wasn’t needed ! The Gibson family in my music room says thanks as well !
Allison Wiebe (Edmonton, AB)

This guy is the greatest guitar tech I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. It was a fantastic experience, and he was ready and willing to answer any questions I had. I cannot recommend the quality of his work enough, I only trust him with my high end guitars!
Chris Lee (Edmonton, AB)

Installed some pickups for me, and also routed out a new neck pickup and pickup selector switch when there was none! great work and great set ups. Looking forward to seeing the new store when I need some serious work done.
Tim Brown (Edmonton, AB)

I’ve had a couple of projects completed by John that were amazing. He refretted and set-up my 1980 “Strat” a few yeas ago now. Awesome work, skill and pretty intuative about what players like. A year or so later, he also built a custom Guitar for me. A telecaster style guitar that I had the body carved down here in the Cook Islands, and then brought back up for him to assemble for me. I love that Guitar. My Strat sits around more than it used to, oh well, only one pair of hands. Both projects were very reasonably priced and the workmanship is second to none. ABSOLUTELY recommend him for any/all axe work.
Ina George

Had my 1978 Ovation Magnum bass brought back to life by J.Haven Guitarworks. I would trust him with any guitar!
Steven Clements (Edmonton, AB)