Guitar Repair – Musical Instrument Repair

A1 Music Services offers full musical instrument repair services on all makes and models of stringed instruments (electric & acoustic guitars, bass, classical guitars, ukuleles, etc), including setups, adjustments, worn out frets, dressings and refrets, structural repairs, broken necks, headstocks, cracks, splits, dents, wiring & electronic repairs, pickup installations, custom nuts, bridges and saddles,  refinishing, touch-ups, and custom modifications. Please visit the Pricing Page for common repair prices. Check out the repair blog to get a feel for what I do.

Guitar & Bass Setups – Musical Instrument Setups

This is where it all begins and ends. I pride myself on great setups, dialed in right for each and every client, and with minimal wait times. With every job I also include a detailed work order on every adjustment I make and how much – a record that can be used to easily fine-tune your preferences and also apply them to your other guitars. Guitars are my specialty (electric, acoustic, nylon, bass) but I also setup ukuleles, mandolins and other stringed instruments such as violins, violas, cellos and double (upright) basses.

The setup includes: clean, tighten/ lubricate hardware, clean / test electronics, polish/ oil (if nec.) entire fretboard including frets, restring, and adjustment of the following (where applicable); truss rod for adequate relief, bridge saddles, bridge height and/ or angle, neck angle, nut slot dressing, pickup height & finally intonation on a virtual strobe tuner.

Guitar Mods & Custom Work

Customizing guitars is something I’ve been doing for over 25 years. It all started on my own guitars and I eventually became sought out for this type of work. I do everything from custom routing, wiring installations, component upgrades, bridge installations, custom nut building, project guitar assembly and much more.

School Band Instrument Repair Services

Besides stringed instrument repair and maintenance on school guitars, basses and ukuleles, I also repair Orff instruments, such as xylophones,  glockenspiels and metallophones. City delivery and pickup arrangements can be made to accommodate your specific needs.


I’ve been instructing group classes in guitar repair & maintenance since 2009. In that time I have been producing these exclusive classes annually/biannually throughout Alberta, expanding on subjects and also working with other well-known institutions in the process. For those who are not able to attend one of my group classes, one-on-one private training is available (schedule permitting). Please contact for more information.