Repair Prices

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*Working musicians barter discount: Bring in a CD/Vinyl/Tape, band merch or event tickets for face-value deduction off regular labour costs. *Must be arranged at the time of sign-in.

*B-Rate: Back-of-the-line rate is available for those with limited means or low-value instruments that would otherwise not be worth a costly repair. Arranged on a case-by-case basis. No rushes or ETA’s. Contact for more info.

General Repair Prices

All work is guaranteed. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Guitar Setups
Setup includes: Clean, tighten/ lubricate hardware, clean / test electronics, polish/ oil (if nec.) fretboard including frets, restring, and adjustment of the following (where applicable); truss rod for adequate relief, bridge saddles, bridge height and/ or angle, neck angle, nut slot dressing, pickup height & intonation. Fret dressing/ resetting extra cost. Neck removal adds $10. Nut removal for shim adds $15.
Regular Pricing
  • Electric guitar no tremolo $65
  • Electric guitar w/ tremolo $75
  • Locking tremolo guitar $100
  • Acoustic guitar setup $65
  • 12 String guitars $100
  • Ukuleles $50

Nuts and Saddles
Custom nuts are hand shaped to fit your instrument. Includes removal of old nut, manufacture, string slotting, installation and polish. Pricing does not include the cost of setup.

  • Pre-cut, pre-slotted nut starts at $20
  • Custom guitar or bass nut $75
  • Custom 12-string guitar nut $100
  • Upgrade Fender LSR or Floyd-style locking nut $100
  • Buzz Feiten Tuning System install (varies per guitar)
  • Pre-cut, pre-fit saddle – $ included with setup
  • Bone saddle hand-cut/ shaped/ polished $75
  • Bone saddle intonated hand-cut/ shaped/ polished $100

Electronics (min. charge $20)

  • Pickup install $40 + $15 each thereafter
  • Acoustic under saddle pickup install $75 (+ setup)
  • Acoustic soundhole pickup install (with endpin) $45
  • Mandolin pickup/bridge install $100
  • Pot or jack replacement $30 + $15 each thereafter
  • Toggle switch replacement $35
  • Blade switch replacement $45
  • Super switch upgrade $75
  • Mini switch install $40 + $15 each thereafter
  • Push-pull pot install $40 + $15 each thereafter
  • Install/ setup Roland midi pickup $75
  • Re-solder electronics starts at $20
  • Active pickups upgrade starts at $75
  • Shield control cavity starts at $75
  • Total re-wire starts at $75
  • Archtop add $50 onto standard costs
  • Pickup potting (wax dip) $75 + $30 thereafter

A fret dressing is recommended when frets have become worn out in (and may also be causing string buzz or other problems). Other times, due to the natural settling of the wood, the fret height becomes inconsistent across the entire fretboard, resulting again, in string buzz or other problems. A new guitar may likely need levelling for this reason. When dressing the frets, all frets are seated and levelled to uniform height across the neck. Once levelled, they are shaped and polished.A refret is necessary when frets are so worn out that they need to be replaced. Another reason for a refret is the player may prefer a different size fret wire. When refretting a guitar, the frets are removed and the neck is checked for straightness. If necessary, the fingerboard is re-surfaced (planed) before the new frets are installed. Finally, the frets are levelled to a uniform height, then reshaped and polished. *Refinishing work extra. *Nut work extra. Costs do not include restring, setup or supplies.

  • Filing sharp fret ends starts at $20
  • Full fret end dressing and polish $45
  • Re-seat and glue loose / lifted frets $5 ea.
  • Full fret dressing $150
  • Partial fret dressing $75
  • Refret unbound, non-lacquered necks $300
  • Refret bound, non-lacquered neck $350
  • Refret lacquered neck $375+
  • Partial refret $20 per fret plus fret dressing + setup costs

Structural Repairs
Pricing does not include refinishing.

  • Glue loose bracing starts at $50
  • Glue/ cleat cracked acoustic top starts at $75
  • Seal cracked acoustic guitar bridge $30
  • Reglue broken headstock $150
  • Reglue broken hdstck w/ splines $300
  • Repair bad neck break/ splintered neck starts at $150
  • Neck Press (for warped necks) starts at $50
  • Acoustic bridge removal and reglue $150 + setup
  • Acoustic brdg removal/ reglue w/ pickup $175 + setup

Touch-ups & refinishes – (avail. April – Oct. only)

  • Buff out topical scratches starts at $30
  • Paint touch-up and buff start at $75
  • Refinish over neck or body starts at $250

Custom Work
Custom work and project guitar builds are billed out at $75 / hour shop rate. Definitive labour costs cannot be estimated without a full bench evaluation.

  • Assemble guitar kits or custom projects starts at $250
  • Install pickguard, pickups, electronics, hardware, wire-up only starts at $150