Wiring and Electronics

5449046_2_origUpgrades & Custom Mods

The Wiring Class is designed to give an overview on the common guitar circuit and it’s components. With instruction on proper soldering technique, we lead you through the process of replacing pickups, pots, switches and more.

We will begin with Video Presentation outlining how to properly wire a Fender style guitar cleanly for great sound. Following the DVD showing, we will will fill the room full of solder smoke and wire our hearts out! Replace your pickups and controls, or install a modified circuit. This is a basic overview on guitar electronics and it is designed for those with little or no soldering experience.

Class Overview:

  • How the pickups and electronic components function
  • Basic soldering technique
  • Using a multimeter
  • Wiring a Strat
  • How a volume control works
  • How a tone control works
  • Treble bypass cap
  • Reverse-wind, reverse-polarity
  • How a Strat circuit works
  • Wiring and shielding a Tele
  • Les Paul wiring and more

The class invites you to bring in your own projects.
Examples of what you can do in this class include:

  • Replace/upgrade your pickups
  • Replace/upgrade your pots, switches, jack
  • Add custom switching for coil-tapping, series/parallel, in-phase/out-of-phase
  • Shield your guitar
  • Add a 5-way Rotary control for 5 different filtered tones
  • Add 50’s wiring mod to your Gibson
  • Add a Esquire Mod to your Tele
  • Tone Cap upgrade (change over to Orange Drop, oil-filled etc)
  • Add a Treble Bleed Mod

Due to the time allotted, please check with us on projects that fall outside of these guidelines. Please note: We do not supply wiring diagrams.

Approx. 3-4 Hours

4999752_2_origWhat You’ll Need for the Class:

  • Your Guitar
  • A towel or mat to lay your guitar on (we will be using tables)
  • A cloth or rag to protect your guitar while soldering
  • 30W-40W Soldering Iron (pencil style work best) with a brand new tip
  • A small cellulose sponge for cleaning your solder iron
  • Fine electronic grade (22 gauge/ .032″), 60/40 rosin-core solder
  • Desoldering braid can be helpful
  • Tweezers and a Exacto Knife are helpful but not Mandatory
  • Wire Strippers, Wire Cutters
  • Any tools needed to remove any of the components being changed (sockets/wrenches/ screwdrivers)
  • A Third Hand will make your life easier but is not mandatory
  • Any Parts & Supplies you will be using for your project- make sure they fit in your guitar beforehand!
  • A wiring diagram for your layout (freely available on the internet)

*Note that materials/supplies may be available for purchase in class. Please contact for more information.