Nut and Saddle Making

In this Class we will cover all the fundamentals in hand-building custom nuts and acoustic saddles. The Electric or Acoustic Guitar Setup Class is a prerequisite.

Class Overview:

  • Overview on common nut and saddle design
  • Nut/saddle material choices
  • Safe removal of the existing nut
  • Roughing in the new nut/saddle blank
  • Step-by-step build and shaping
  • Proper nut slotting in detail
  • Final polish and finish

Building both nut and saddle is not a requirement in this class, only an option and also time permitting.

What You’ll Need

  • Nut Slotting Files
  • 3 Corner Triangle File and/or small shaping file(s)
  • String Spacing Ruler
  • Feeler Gauges
  • A small nut and saddle vise is handy but not mandatory
  • Firm Neck Rest
  • Nut / saddle materials for your guitar(s)

Approx. 4 Hrs in Length

*Note that materials may be available for purchase in class. Please contact for more information.