Guitar Kit Building

212929_2Custom Guitar Kit Assembly and Setup Class

Be part of this J.Haven exclusive workshop! Build a custom guitar and learn the secret to a great playing guitar! Choose from any one of our high-end Custom Guitar Kits or a pre-drilled kit of your choosing. Build your very own vintage/modern custom guitar with confidence that it is properly assembled and setup to play its finest. We can further customize your guitar with custom pickup configuration routing and electronics. Feel free to visit our primary vendors for ideas/costs Allparts and WD Music.

With your registration and participation at the workshop, you will also receive a take-home Setup Guidebook outlining the setup portion of the class material in detail along with top manufacturers’ setup specs and more!

Assembly and Setup Class Overview

  • Proper assembly of your Premium Custom Guitar Kit!
  • Key points include correct neck pitch and alignment, bridge set, hardware placement and electronics
  • Proper soldering technique
  • Why, how & when to adjust the truss rod
  • How to adjust your action on any style of guitar, spot on every time
  • How to set intonation correctly
  • How to set pickup height optimally
  • Learn nut installation and correct nut filing technique
  • Discussions on string gauge, playing style, guitar designs and how they effect your setup
  • Top manufacturer’s setup specs & more (included in your take-home guidebook)
  • All guitar setup questions answered!

Approx. 8 Hours

What you’ll need for the Custom Guitar Kit Assembly Weekend Class:

  • Your Guitar Kit purchased through J.Haven Guitarworks – or – a pre-drilled bolt-on kit with a parts checklist*
  • Cloth, towel, or rag to set your guitar on (we’ll be using tables)
  • Drill & drill bits
  • Center punch
  • Hammer
  • Low tack masking tape
  • Wrench set and/or crescent wrench
  • Socket set can be handy but not mandatory
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Candle (wax), Crazy Glue
  • 30w-40w Solder Iron (pencil style work best) with a brand new tip
  • A small cellulose sponge for cleaning your solder iron
  • Fine electronic grade (22 gauge/ .032″), 60/40 rosin-core solder
  • Neck rest
  • Electronic chromatic tuner w/patch cable
  • New package of strings
  • String winder
  • Capo
  • Side cutter/wire cutter
  • Automotive feeler gauge that measures in .001″ increments
  • 6″ Steel ruler that measures in 64ths
  • Multi-head screwdriver
  • Your guitars’ truss rod wrench & saddle height adjustment wrenches

Premium Guitar Kits

We’ve sourced some of the best components out there to offer a truly high-end custom guitar kit. Basic kits start at $999.95 CAD. To get started, contact us for more information.

Stratocaster Style Kits
Premium Finished and Unfinished Bodies
Telecaster Style Kits
Premium Finished and Unfinished Bodies
Jazzmaster Style Kits
Unfinished Bodies
P-Bass Style Kits
Premium Finished and Unfinished Bodies

Quality Fender Licensed Necks

  • Aged Finished Guitar Necks in standard configuration
  • Officially Licensed Replacement Necks for Jaguar®
  • Officially Licensed Replacement Necks for Jazzmaster®
  • Nitro Finished Necks
  • Lefty/ reverse headstock necks
  • Vintage spec necks
  • Vintage/Modern spec necks
  • Amber tinted vintage spec necks
  • Baritone necks
  • C, Fat, soft V neck profiles

Quality Parts

  • Lindy Fralin Custom Hand-Wound Pickups
  • Emerson Custom Caps and Pots
  • Custom Taper CTS Pots
  • Bournes Audio Pots
  • WD Music custom pickguards
  • Schaller, Grover, Gotoh, Floyd Rose & TonePros Hardware
  • Bumble Bee, Black Bee, Vitamin Q, RS Guitarcap Capacitors
  • TUSQ, Graphtech, Zero Glide Nuts
  • PMT Tone Mods