How To Solder Guitar Electronics 101

How do you get solder to stick to that tremolo claw? If you read our last post, it explains the process of ‘tinning’ the wire. Once you do that, you’ll need to repeat the process on the tremolo claw itself. Grab some sandpaper and scratch off some of the plating on the tremolo claw, it will help the solder stick. If your solder iron is light-duty, somewhere around 25watts, you’ll probably have some problems heating the claw enough for the solder to adhere. A 35 or 40 watt iron works much better. Remove the springs, they will act like a heat-sink otherwise. You may also need to remove the adjustment screws for the same reason. With those two things out of the equation, you should have a more effective process in melting some solder onto the claw. Learn tips like this and more at our Wiring Class Feb.1 in Edmonton and May 24 in Calgary.



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