The Shattered Gibson Flying V


So I’ll leave it up to your imagination with this one… What’s amazing about this is just how many pieces it shattered into.  Our customer just wants it playing again, and even likes the idea of it looking post-destroyed….so all we need to do is glue it back together. Easy, right?


Part one.


Part two. That was the hard part. Mainly because the guitar broke in such a way the pieces were not lining up as well as hoped. Clamping surface is minimal which makes it quite difficult. There is also the fact that we didn’t have all the missing pieces….

Part three, the most difficult. Instead of making some massive jigs to clamp the guitar together, I decided to use a clamping system that would essentially do the same. Because of the delicate nature of this repair, it was a more efficient choice in getting the job done.

And there we have it, a real survivor of rock n’ roll. And if you’re wondering… yeah it does kick ass!
So there were a few pieces missing… but we did have enough to work with. No re-build needed or wanted. Just enough… next we’re going to install all the hardware and wire it up. Our customer brought in a transparent pickguard to show this piece of work off.


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