Hofner Verythin Standard Pickup Install w/ Fralin P-92’s, CTS Pots & Switch


This German made Hofner has a beautiful top and sounds & plays great.  It has Hofner pickups which appear to have been installed post factory, but we’re going to retrofit some Fralin P-92’s! These are P-90’s in a humbucker casing with split coils which keep them quiet. Another brilliant design by Lindy and his team. I’m a big fan of these, they have all the characteristics of P-90’s, aggressive when digging in, yet chimey and articulate when pulling back.

Pulling out the old wiring was a dog’s breakfast. Electrical tape everywhere and poor solder joints. The pots were dirty anyways so we installed new CTS pots with a quality Switchcraft toggle switch.

It’s easy to wire up the parts, it’s tucking in all those wires which is the tricky part. How do we do it? Get it all in, then clean it up through the f-holes, zip ties work great. Tape leaves a mess all over the wiring and is a pain to remove should anyone want to change things out. As you can see, there is not even a hint of those wires when looking through the f-holes, which is exactly what you want to see.



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