Custom Guitar Assembly – Edmonton, Alberta


I get asked to assemble project guitars all the time, in fact I’d say it’s one of my specialties! This orange S-style guitar came in just a tupperware container of old parts and the body. The owner wanted a new Strat neck, and all new parts so we ordered them up (Floyd Rose Bridge, Dimarzio Chopper at the neck, Seymour Duncan JB at the bridge, CTS Pots, Orange Drop Cap, Grover Tuners….).

To start things off, we had to align the neck in the pocket to not only position it correctly in the heel pocket but also align the new bridge in the proper place along with the adequate neck tilt. It’s important to have the scale length (length between nut and saddle) correct or the guitar will not play in tune. Since we were using a strat neck, we needed to route the shelf for the locking nut first. Then once we get everything placed, we needed to route out the neck pickup cavity and bridge cavity to accept the new parts.

The rest of it comes together fairly easy – standard electronics installation and setup! Turned out great!!



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